How to use this language guide

We can not teach you  Hungarian in a computer course. We only want to give you some understanding of the language, have you learn some basic words and expressions. You can not learn a language just by reading it, you  also have to hear it. You even have to hear yourself saying the words. We pronounce the Hungarian words twice, after each word we give a pause so you can pronounce, imitate the word ALOUD!
You have to hear yourself saying the Hungarian words. This way you get used to the sound of the language
Set a goal for yourself, to practice 5-10 words or expressions a day. Don't memorize, just practice. Listen and imitate the words several times. And repeat!  They will stick in your mind. Practice makes perfect.
You can also use this guide as a dictionary, once you  are in Hungary, to look up words or expressions. This is obviously a very small collection of words. If you  think other words or expressions should be included, please drop me a e-mail and I would be happy to consider your  suggestion. Address:
There are no gender differences in Hungarian (at least in the language!), so he/she, his/hers are the same.

SO let's start learning Hungarian (the impossible language)


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